Platform Admin

With the power of EC Pro at your fingertips, you can massively reduce the amount of time you currently spend dealing with admin tasks and paperwork.

The system comes with a whole range of tools that enable you to effectively manage your business.

Your first task will be to set the system up to your needs.  You will need to spend time initially populating the system with information such as your schools, horses, instructors and lesson slots but once that’s done you can sit back and let the system take over and do all the hard work for you.

  • Manage Staff & Create working schedules 
  • Create and View Lessons
  • Generate Bills for Livery Customers
  • Manage Events & Competitions
  • Configure your prices, discounts and deals
  • Create discount codes that can be used by clients online
  • Manage Incidents & Accidents
  • Access Calendars, Rotas and Timetables
  • Create manual bookings
  • Produce Reports
  • Send push notifications to clients via the EC Pro App

Knowledge is power. Every business needs to look at the analytics and yours is no exception. The admin dashboard gives you everything you need to see an instant overview of your business’ performance.

Scared of stats? Don’t be. Our interface couldn’t be easier to use, and you’ll be able to customise it to only display the analytics and reports that are the most useful to you.

Want to know how many lessons you had last week?
Want to know how much revenue you have generated?
Want to know how many empty lesson slots you have?

No problem... EC Pro records all this information allowing you to recognise gaps in your business and take pro active steps to reverse any trends.

EC Pro. Your online workhorse