Platform Admin

Your first thought is probably “I don’t want people to book online!”,But hold on… we can answer that.

Our platform will only ever display and allow clients to book onto lessons that are appropriate to their riding ability. The platform also takes into account school and instructor availability, to present a user with a stress free experience and provide an automated process for you.

You get to call all the shots!

  • Create Lessons Based on your business parameters
  • Lessons will only show to a customer if they are appropriate to their grading

EC Pro even allows you to add in chargeable extras such as boot or hat hire. You can create ad hoc and permanent special offers and discounts. All helping to provide valuable additional revenue.

The system can then manage all your payments, refunds and credits according to your cancellation policy and business needs.

In return you’ll offer your customers a system they can have confidence in which shows them all suitable availability in a user-friendly format.

Leaving you all to get on with what you really want - a great lesson at a great yard.