Our Clients

EC Pro’s customer service is truly exceptional. Their prompt responses ensure that any of our issues or concerns can be rectified quickly. The team have an impressive depth of knowledge associated with the system, no question is left unans...

Nicolle Walmsley - Thompson House

EC Pro has genuinely revolutionised our business. When I approached Jamie, I told him this was a make or break. I couldn’t break myself into two anymore and I needed a system that would allow me to throw myself fully into my normal job but j...

Sian Lovatt - Hundleby Equestrian Centre Testimonial

I just wanted to give EC Pro a massive shout out as I’ve literally just had my inspection and they couldn’t praise the system high enough and were fascinated by what it does and how it makes the administration of a riding school so muc...

Kate Kirkpatrick - Stoke Lane Stables

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, and everyone who I have been in contact with from EC Pro. The customer support truly has been and is fantastic- I cannot stress this enough. From a business point of view, the last few months h...

Laura at Rawreth

Excellent support and help. It is fabulous to be so organised with the daily calendar and client base. It is so easy to communicate with our clients, staff and instructors and fascinating to see at a glance payments and invoices.

Jenny - Widmer Equestrian Centre

I have found the support team (especially Krystal) incredibly helpful! Quite often replying to emails within minutes. 

Rhi Nunn - Bagnum Riding Stables

EC Pro has completely changed the way we manage our riding school. Handing over the control to customers to manage their bookings has been advantageous for both parties. We have found we are busier than ever since implementing the new system. The ...

Morgan - Clyne Farm Centre

We had tried a few other programs and none of them really worked. I also kept all the information in my head or in a stack of papers on my desk with absolutely no system. We are in 4 months and while there were some teething problems the staf...

Lucy Davies - Owner & Head Trainer Yorkfield Stables

Love this system. I am not at all 'techy' but the staff at EC Pro are so helpful and quick to respond. The more you use it the easier it gets. I was so reserved beforehand but so glad I made the switch. Gives me much more control over my...

Karen Griggs - Manager Widbrook Equestrian Centre

I've been having such trouble with other companies' customer service. It has been a delight to use your programme you guys are always so quick and helpful so thanks again. 

Sophie - Instructor Waterstock Riding School

I've recommended EC PRo without hesitation. Be prepared for the adjustment, it's definitely worth it!  

Caroline Catrling - Owner Turpins Lodge Riding School

The support team at EC Pro is phenomenal! Joining EC Pro was the best decision I ever made.

Hayley Read - The Chestnut Stables

100% I would recommend EC Pro. I don't like change, but I was forced to do it because of lockdown and I am glad I did as it has saved so much work and made things less stressful. The biggest benefit for us has been the labour-saving time as w...

Mike Khan - Owner Telford Equestrian Centre

Overall EC Pro is a really useful bit of kit that I would happily recommend to a friend and has fantastic support available. 

Matt Collins - Owner Swan Lane Equestrian Centre

EC Pro helps automate many daily tasks and allows clients to book and pay for lessons without taking up valuable staff time.  Excellent software package and faultless customer support. From the initial trial to now the customer service and p...

Mark Stenton - Director Smeltings Farm Riding Centre

The most all singing and dancing system I have ever seen, nothing could be more helpful, & the support is second to none.

Natalie Cassidy - Yard Manager Sandridgebury Riding School

We've seen benefits from every aspect of the system, but the client booking party has revolutionised the way we work. The contactless element is a total lifesaver - we only used to accept cash and card and now every single client (of more than 50...

Louise Fitton - Owner Ryders Farm Equestrian Centre

EC Pro has solved a lot of issues we had with revenue streams by getting paid upfront. I personally think it probably saved the business when we came out of the first lockdown.

Shaun Gillanders - Owner Over Dalkeith Stables

The biggest thing for me is it's been great getting people to pay for certain services in advance, meaning we are capturing future months revenue which helps our cashflow and means we are not waiting as long as we used to for our money off some cl...

Becky Monk - Owner Lakefield

Customers love being able to book themselves in Booking availability for customers Late cancellation fees are automatically charged Access to it all the time

Heather Cook - Owner Croft Farm Riding Centre

EC Pro has really helped with social distancing as people do not have to hang around the office waiting to book their next lesson, they do it online now from the comfort of their own homes! I recommend EC Pro as without a doubt it benefits ri...

Liz White - Owner Moor Farm Stables

EC Pro has been a real game-changer towards how efficiently our equestrian centre runs. It links all aspects of the riding centre and makes ir much easier for our customers and staff to do so much more on the go, leaving us the time to do les...

Sarah Richardson Mill House Riding Centre

We have had the platform for over 2 years, we agreed to help develop it and it has been the best decision we ever made! Revenue is up 25% and getting rid of our diaries and notepads means we can focus on running the yard.

Hayley Ward - Owner Liscombe Park Equestrian Centre

Freeing up my time has been great allowing me to be out actually physically greeting customers for their lessons and maximising their fact to face experience with us. 

Jan Tupper - Proprietor Lancing Equestrian

We did wonder how this programme would change our business as we, like probably many other riding schools, had a system in place which worked for us, so why would we change from it!  EC Pro has completely transformed the way in which we now ...

Alison Brown - Owner Yorkfield Stables