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I am really unsure about letting my clients book online.  I wouldn't want to run the risk of letting someone potentially book a lesson that wasn't suited to them or their ability.

This is one of our key USPs at EC Pro, it's not possible, the system will only ever display lessons to your customers that they are eligible for, we are happy to explain in more detail how this works, just give one of the team a call today!

I'm not great with new software or technology, if i sign up to EC Pro how will I know how to use it properly?

Don't worry, we get not everyones a whizz on the computer, EC Pro is simple to use but we will also come and fully train you and your staff before you go live so you don't have to worry about being left alone to figure things out!

What if i've already had my initial training and have forgotten how to do something or need further support?

Again there's no need to worry, full support comes included as part of your monthly subscription so we will always be on hand to assist you with any issues that may arise!

I really like my existing website and don't want a new one, does this mean EC Pro is not an option for me?

Not at all, it is possible to keep your existing website and simply integrate EC Pro with it, so you can still have full use of the platform and it's functions!

Does your system have any online marketing features?

Yes it does!
There is great potential to market to your clients with EC Pro.  
You can send push notifications to clients via the App giving you the power to send messages about any subject, to any client (or groups of clients) at any time.  
You can also create pop up messages that appear when users visit your website.

One question about the website - would we have access to change information/photos etc ourselves please or would be need to go through you to do this?

With the website we provide, you are able to edit and update text, images and pages as you please.  You don’t need to be a technical genius to do it either!  We can show you on a demo how easy it is to do, for your peace of mind.

I have looked at EC Pro and we operate in slightly different ways and would need to tweak or tailor the system to suit us, is this possible?

Absolutely yes, we appreciate in some cases there is a need to work a little differently, we are happy to discuss any bespoke requirements you need and provide a seperate quote to do this for you.

Off the shelf isn't suitable for the way we work?

EC Pro is fully configurable to the unique way you work.  We have spent a lot of time working with a variety of centres to ensure we can meet your specialised needs.

What if I don't have signal or online access?

The website is configured to store the your vital data and display that to you at times when you are without signal.  This includes daily tasks and lesson bookings for that day.

I'm not technical at all?

EC Pro is simple to use! plus with ongoing support including how to guides, videos, online ticketing support and a friendly helpline you're never on your own.

We don't have card facilities and/or want online payments?

All payments can be done manually if you prefer.

We already use a software program to manage our centre?

With nothing to lose why not book a free demo of EC Pro? We can then show you the feature rich platform and how it will work better for you than your current package.

Your prices are too high?

Why not run a cost comparison of admin expenses and increased revenue and see if the cost doesn't become negligible.

We don't run a riding school we're purely for a livery yard or for competitions only?

There are so many functions to help you run your yard more efficiently and professionally.  We're confident EC Pro will add value to your offering whatever your client type.

I can't see the benefit for us as a business?

Whilst you might not see it directly for yourself on the business end, why not consider your end user and their expectations?  As we move more and more towards expecting a digital offering in all areas of business you don't want to be left behind.

I don't want my website to look like everyone else's website who are using EC Pro?

With a choice of templates which are being added to all the time you will be able to stand out against your competitors.

Is my data secure and recoverable?

Yes, we have working practices in place with this in mind should the worst happen.