Online Lesson Booking

Your customers already use apps on a daily basis, whether its to book a taxi, order a takeaway or to purchase theatre or cinema tickets.  Why not get them using one to book their riding lessons?

Your first thought is probably “I don’t want people to book online!

Hold your horses and don't panic!... EC Pro will only ever display lessons that are relevant to your clients, meaning there is never a case where customers can book a lesson that is beyond their riding ability or if there is no instructor or arena space available, The system will even check that there is a horse that is suitable for the riders weight, height and ability at the time they wish that has not done to much excercise!...Clever.

EC Pro also allows you to add in chargeable extras such as boot or hat hire, helping to create and protect new revenue streams. You can create temporary or permanent special offers and discounts too, all helping to provide valuable additional income.

The system comfortably manages all your payments, refunds and credits too and can be programmed to work specifically to your cancellation policies.

Still have clients that want to book over the phone, via email or in person?

Not a problem...with EC Pro you can use the system to continue to take manual bookings and payments.

  • Create Lessons Based on your business parameters
  • Lessons will only show to a customer if they are appropriate to their grading
  • Easy to schedule and maintain
  • Increase your revenue
  • No more missed telephone calls and bookings
  • Charge for extras such as hat or boot hire
  • Modernise your business
  • Send clients reminder notifications for upcoming lessons 

When you use EC Pro, you'll be making life so much easier for your customers. Not only can they use the EC Pro App to book lessons, they'll also be able to buy gift vouchers for birthday treats, make group bookings or snap up a place on their favourite course.

With many years experience in creating bespoke software, coupled with our extensive market research, we are proud to provide a platform that is intelligent, robust and ensures your customers can enjoy a simple and stress free experience when booking with you.

Say goodbye to missed phone calls, double bookings and frustrated customers and hello to a booking and management system that puts you firmly in the riding seat.

Spend more time doing what you love, safe in the knowledge that EC Pro is handling your bookings intelligently, effectively and safely.