What can be done to help save Riding Schools?

19 OCT 2022

‘There should be an outcry from the equestrian community about Riding Schools closing'

Riding Schools face many challenges from the rising cost of hay, staff, vet bills to business rates. They are also managing in real time the welfare of numerous working horses, land and facilities along with their own mental and physical health. This is an all-encompassing profession and one that is so busy trying to survive that they are often unable to evolve and adapt to the changing world. It can be overwhelming and sadly too much for some who inevitably must close their gates. 

We’re confident that every equestrian at some point in their riding career will have benefitted from a Riding School. This can be a first pony ride all the way through to Charlotte Dujardin hosting a masterclass at one of the country’s leading Riding School establishments. Imagine if they didn’t exist… really imagine! Would you be happy learning to ride on a virtual simulator on a computer screen? Is this how we will end up? 

The Riding School is a Great British institution. The paperwork, policies and procedures are unfortunately a necessary evil, as with most businesses. EC Pro has created a market-leading platform that is tailored specifically for this industry to address these issues using technology. We aim to support your equestrian business by providing a platform to help streamline your paperwork, increase and protect your revenue and reduce your admin. And because we know it’s tough to change and do it all we have first-class support by phone, email, social media to enable you to do it. Our support during lockdown was incredible; read here how we facilitated over £38,000 of donations to riding schools across the country.

We provide intelligent online bookings with an integrated horse, yard, staff, and customer management system. It’s the future for grassroots Equestrian Centres and Riding Schools and we are proud to announce that we have a new industry partner (BHS - read more) that will ensure even more UK Approved Riding Centres will have access to this lifeline industry software. 

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