Whaddon Chase Pony Club

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01 AUG 2019

EC Pro Sponsors Pony Club

Did you know?... Here at EC Pro, we are proud sponsors of the fantastic Whaddon Chase Pony Club.

Whaddon Chase has just completed a fun-filled, crazy Pony Camp at Addington Equestrian Centre. Packed with interactive lessons about feeding your horses and learning about weight management with Hampden Vets. Talks from 5* Eventer David Britnell about his experience competing at Badminton Horse Trials and of course an after party! A disco, karaoke and horses! What more could you want? We are super thrilled for all the riders that have boosted their confidence with their riding on their awesome ponies. Pony days are the best! 

Apply for a membership to take part in the next Pony Camp in 2020.




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