Transforming Equestrian Business with EC Pro: A Success Story

21 AUG 2023

Transforming Equestrian Business with EC Pro: A Success Story 

During the 2023 National Equine Forum held on March 2nd, distressing information came to light concerning our equestrian institutions. This event underscored a 15% reduction in the number of riding schools since 2018, resulting in 250 fewer establishments and leaving a total of 1,497 remaining in Great Britain. Discover the story of Siân Lovatt's Hundleby Equestrian Centre, which faced a pivotal moment upon joining EC Pro. 


What are Riding Schools doing to remain successful and how can a fresh approach turn the future around?


“Prior to EC Pro, the busier the riding school got, the more mistakes I was making. Although I own the yard, I also work 9-5 as a marketing manager which means several days on the road travelling. Customers would ring and text me wanting to make a booking and I’d forget to put it in the book once I got home. This worked whilst we were a small operation but the busier we got, the more I realised we needed a slicker way of operating.  


I toyed with the idea of EC pro for about a year and although I read some fantastic reviews, I struggled to see the value in it. That was until I really started to look at how I could help the business grow and I realised I was the one holding it back. Once I put a figure on my time and worked out an hourly rate for myself, I realised I could pay for the EC pro system several times over by saving myself time, stress and hours answering calls and texts in the evening after my normal working hours.  


EC Pro has genuinely revolutionised our business. When I approached Jamie, I told him this was make or break. I couldn’t break myself into two anymore and I needed a system that would allow me to throw myself fully into my normal job but just be able to oversee the riding school and EC pro has fulfilled those criteria and more.  


As someone that works in marketing, one aspect of owning the riding school I really enjoy is marketing it and coming up with new and exciting ways to promote us, and prior to EC pro I wasn’t getting a chance to do this. The system has allowed me to get rid of the need for an office staff member and allow myself time to think about the marketing and promotion, as well as giving my yard manager and instructors their time back to do what they love too, and that’s teaching and being on the yard!  


Since getting EC pro, I’m able to keep a closer eye on what’s happening, how we’re performing week on week and look at and analyse whether we need to be doing “more” that week to hit our targets. If we do, I’m able to put together certain things on the app like discounts and offers, token packages and more.  


Initially I worried I would feel out of control but actually I now feel more in control. The dashboard gives me valuable insights to profits and losses, cancellation savings and more. The Bulk notify option as removed the need to use other email providers where I need to upload user emails and spend time faffing with spread sheets. Instead, it’s all in one place and it couldn’t be easier.  


Jamie asked me how we were performing after our first 6 months with the system as he knew it was make or break for me - and quite honestly, I’m angry with myself for not doing it sooner. The system has genuinely changed our whole business for the better and I’m looking forward to seeing where the next 6 months takes us now, I’m able to spend more time doing the real stuff rather than faffing with ensuring I’m writing lesson times in a diary.  


Additionally, my customers have expressed their relief at being able to book at any time, day or night! Shift workers feel they’re able to now book lessons easier than ever before, and if my customers are happy then I’m happy!  


We cannot thank the whole EC pro team enough.”


In an industry constantly changing, the success story of Hundleby Equestrian Centre stands as a great example of transformation using EC Pro. As the equestrian community faces a decline in riding schools, Siân's journey shows the impact technological solutions like EC Pro can bring to equine businesses.  


The system not only streamlined operations but also empowered Siân to harness her marketing expertise. By liberating her from administrative burdens, EC Pro allowed Siân to focus on strategic growth and innovation. Siân's experience echoes the sentiment that EC Pro can redefine the direction of riding schools, displaying a brighter future where success and adaptability reign.

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