The EC Pro Difference: Finnlee Catterall's Showjumping Journey

05 OCT 2023


Balancing the demands of a competitive showjumping career while striving for Riding School excellence can be a daunting task. However, for Finnlee Catterall and his horse Quality Cruise Control, the journey became smoother and more manageable thanks to support from his family and utilising EC Pro equestrian centre software.


Finnlee's journey in the world of riding began at the tender age of three. Over the past six years, Finnlee has not only honed his skills but also climbed the ranks, proving his determination in the fiercely competitive area of showjumping. Yet, the path to success in this sport is littered with hurdles, both on and off the course. That is where EC Pro comes into play.


"Moving up the ranks in showjumping is hard, but having the EC Pro software running our bookings means that we can enable and assist Finnlee. The system automatically takes the bookings without the need for us to be on the phone constantly. Now, we simply answer the odd email or grade the riders in the comfort of our horsebox. Before our investment in EC Pro, we would have to ensure office cover to take the bookings and payments."


EC Pro's seamless booking management system not only simplifies the administrative aspects for Finnlee's family but also frees up valuable time and energy. It allows his support team to focus on what truly matters – his training and performance.



Recently, Finnlee achieved a significant milestone by competing at the prestigious Hickstead International Arena. This accomplishment had been two years in the making, a testament to his unwavering dedication and hard work. The journey was made more meaningful by the memory of his late grandfather, who had been one of Finnlee's biggest fans.


"It was the final qualification competition on the Saturday to compete on the Sunday in the International Arena, with over 100 competitors in that class. Finnlee was the first to go clear from the 32 competitors who qualified all week to get there. In the jump-off, he went on to achieve a fantastic 6th place."


Finnlee's achievement at Hickstead was a moving moment, shared with his family and his late grandfather, who was undoubtedly there in spirit. It was a testament to his resilience and determination, and it marked a significant step in his blossoming career.



Finnlee's journey is a remarkable example of how support from an equestrian powerhouse like EC Pro can balance personal and professional. Not only does Finnlee wear the EC Pro logo with pride, but the company's commitment to simplifying the logistical challenges of equestrian centres has made a tangible impact on his journey.


In the demanding world of showjumping, achieving a balance between competition and life can be challenging. Finnlee's story, enriched by the support of his family and EC Pro, demonstrates the transformative power of dedication and the right tools. As Finnlee continues to chase his dreams and make his late grandfather proud, EC Pro and his family's support will undoubtedly remain essential elements in his journey to excellence.

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