The BHS and EC Pro Partnership

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07 DEC 2021

THE BHS and EC Pro are Official Partners

EC Pro has worked tirelessly with their customers for over 2 years to bring to life the most advanced system designed specifically for the equestrian market. The software is constantly adapting and evolving to ensure it advances with the centre’s needs. Plans are also exciting and as the company expands, they want to be able to work with industry partners and offer more centres the opportunity to have access to market-leading software. 

The British Horse Society are arguable the number one Equestrian charity in the World and is renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the industry. The BHS has over 600 Approved Centres across the UK and with the addition of Business Support Managers are committed to working with the true grassroots of the sport to ensure all riding establishments regardless of size are supported and given every opportunity to flourish.

The BHS have recognised for a long time that technology is playing a growing part in equestrian business and that EC Pro is already supporting a large portion of their centres with great feedback, it was the right time to formalise a partnership.

Read the full BHS press release 
Read what this means for BHS Approved Centres

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