Paralysed by fear but climbing aboard anyway - a heart warming interview about a first ride.

05 DEC 2023

If you’ve stopped believing in Santa Claus and magic then read this heart-warming interview, you might change your mind.

“I was paralysed by fear, yet simultaneously driven by a strong eagerness to give it a try” – how Jules felt on her first horse ride. 

The magic of horses and horse riding is widely accepted by those in the sport, but do we sometimes forget about that magical experience of mounting them for the very first time? The power of that moment is something anyone working in a riding school will experience frequently but do we truly understand what it feels like? 

Read this heart-warming interview and be reminded of the true delight of horses and horse riding. 


Please introduce yourself:

"I'm Julianna, the lead graphic designer at EC Pro."

Have you ever ridden before? 

"Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity, but I've always wanted to try it. Horses have captivated me for as long as I can remember as they are truly magnificent animals."

Tell us about your previous horse experience.

"My past encounters with horses were confined to stroking some horses in fields during my hikes. In one instance, a horse even attempted to nibble on my scrunchy as I bent down to tie my shoelace."

Where was your first ride? 

"I was fortunate to experience my first horse riding lesson at the picturesque Wellington Riding Centre, guided by the exceptional David Sheeran."

What did you think before getting on board?

"I doubted my ability to mount the horse, fearing it might move and leave me awkwardly hanging during the attempt. I was conscious of the possibility that the horse could sense my fear, yet I tried to stay positive, recalling all the pleasant encounters I'd had with horses over the past years. My mind was racing with a myriad of thoughts, and the pounding of my heart in my chest was audible." 

How were you feeling? 

"I was really REALLY scared and anxious, replaying worst-case scenarios in my mind regarding potential mishaps and the risk of self-injury or inadvertently harming the horse due to my lack of experience. In summary, I was paralysed by fear, yet simultaneously driven by a strong eagerness to give it a try."

Tell us about your experience.

"The entire experience exceeded my expectations and was incredibly rewarding. David guided me meticulously, providing detailed instructions at each step. My initial apprehension dissipated swiftly once I was on the horse. David explained that the horse could sense my heartbeat and advised me to stay calm. I followed his suggestion to gently stroke the horse's neck, feeling the synchronised heartbeat, which was an amazing sensation.

Under David's guidance, I learned how to initiate movement with a gentle squeeze of my legs and how to bring the horse to a halt. Dismounting, which I anticipated to be challenging, turned out to be much simpler than expected."

Despite the rapid pace, I cherished every second of the experience.

How did it make you feel?

"Incredible! I have a passion for exploring new activities, and horse riding has been on my bucket list for quite a while. Sitting atop such a majestic creature makes you keenly feel its power, creating a thrilling rush of adrenaline."

Do you think you will want to ride again? 

"Certainly! I can only envision the thrill of riding at full speed on a horse, feeling the rush of air against my face. I hope to have the opportunity and skills for an extended horse ride in the future, whether along a beach or through a woodland trail."

What would encourage you to book another lesson? 

"Having another lesson with David or someone equally experienced and with a fantastic approach to novice riders like myself would be amazing!" 😊


At EC Pro we believe it is truly an honour to be able to ride a horse and igniting that passion within someone is equally as magical. We are proud to support Riding Schools with our software system and are committed to being an advocate for the equestrian industry and ensuring we help to keep Britain riding. Riding schools are the cornerstone of equestrianism and are making dreams come true not just at Christmas but all year. 

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