How tech is changing horse care and management

05 MAY 2023

The equestrian community has undergone a technological revolution, and it's not hard to see why.

With advancements in equine healthcare, training and performance, and system efficiency, technology has become a crucial tool for horse owners, trainers, and veterinarians. Here are the top three reasons why technology has become an essential part of the equestrian community:


1. Improved Healthcare

Technology has significantly improved equine healthcare, providing advanced tools and techniques for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. Veterinarians now have access to advanced technologies, which allows them to identify health issues in horses more accurately and quickly that were previously difficult to detect, such as tendon and ligament injuries. Veterinarians can now remotely monitor horse health through telemedicine, providing accessible and cost-effective care, something especially helpful to those of us in rural areas.


2. Better Training and Performance

Technology has revolutionised the way we train horses for peak performance. Equine wearables, such as GPS tracking devices and heart rate monitors, allow real-time monitoring of a horse's speed, distance, and heart rate, enabling trainers to adjust their training accordingly. Additionally, training simulators offer riders a safe and controlled environment to practice their riding skills, reducing the risk of injury while improving performance. Thanks to technology, we can optimise our horses' performance like never before.


3. Increased Management Efficiency

Keep track of medical histories, feeding schedules, and training regimens in one location. Accessing real-time data from our phones on health and exercise allows yard staff to adjust the horse's diet and exercise as needed. Also allow us to book lessons from our phones! Online marketplaces and social media platforms have made it easier for horse owners to connect, share information, and learn from each other's knowledge and expertise. With technology on our side, managing horses has become more efficient and organised than ever before.


We don't have to look far to find real-life examples of how technology has transformed the way horse yards operate. Kate Kirkpatrick from Stoke Lane Stables, for instance, can confirm the positive impact our technology has made. Kate said:

With equestrian systems like EC Pro, managing horses has become more streamlined and efficient, modernising horse welfare and management.

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