Horse Care & Management

Your horses are one of your most valuable assets, and as your business grows, we know it can be difficult to manage tasks, keep accurate records and ensure the right horses are assigned to the right lessons and riders.

For your horses EC Pro lets you store a wealth of information such as Competition Name, Passport & Microchip Information, input lesson limits for riders such as max height and weight and also set what the minimum riding ability a client must achieve to be able to ride your horse.

We know it’s important to spread the workload and not overwork your horses, so with EC Pro you can also set exercise limits and keep a record of its lesson history too.

Whether it’s one of your school horses, or a customer’s horse on livery with you, EC Pro can also record vital well-being information such as medication, vet, farrier, worming and vaccination records, all with additional reminders if needed.

EC Pro also comes with an incident and accident module allowing you or your instructors to log any incidents that occur which can also prompt further calls to action like the ability for a client to review and accept the record there and then, or maybe prompt another person in the business to complete a Riddor report or set them a task to notify your insurance company if required.

  • Save time and reduce admin
  • Never miss a worming date, farrier or vet appointment again
  • Taking payment online avoids forgetting to charge for requested extras
  • Set the number of minimum or maximum excercise hours for each horse
  • Monitor diet and overall health, keeping your assets in peak condition
  • Access lesson history
  • Access records and produce reports easily

Choosing EC Pro brings great extra benefits for your livery customers.  Like many others, you will no doubt provide a standard range of livery options, but from time to time customers may want you to perform extra tasks that are not in their package and with EC Pro this is a breeze.

You will have the ability to list as many extra services as you wish such as therapy, schooling, wound Cleaning etc which clients will then be able to select and pay for online or you can program the system so it automatically bills them at set dates or intervals of your choosing.

Clients will also be able to login to their account and see a history of exactly what work you have completed for their horse for that added peace of mind.

EC Pro. More Field Work, Less Paperwork