Customer & Rider Management

Fed up of having to ask clients to complete or update their rider registration forms?
Running out of storage space for all that paperwork?

Thought so!...with EC Pro all of this is now handled online where customers are able to create an account with you, then add riders to their account by completing an online rider registration form which is in-line with the BHS standard form.

The system will also send them a handy reminder every 6 months to update their information to ensure heights and weights are accurate, meaning you are able to assign the right horses to the right clients.

You as an administrator will also be able to grade new users once they have completed an initial assesment lesson with you, to ensure when they next login they will only see lessons suited to their riding ability.

  • Reduce paperwork
  • Keep your records up to date
  • Store records safely and securely online
  • Provide value to your clients with discounts
  • Take membership payments and renewals online

Would you like to offer your livery customers a special deal when booking lessons?
Maybe you offer free hat hire to Pony Club Members?

We understand it can be difficult to manage lots of different groups and memberships but with EC Pro you can now eliminate alot of that pain.

With EC Pro you can assign riders to groups or schemes and take payments from them online and set automatic renewals too. 

You can also program the system to understand what discounts each group receives so when they are looking to book online, these offers are automatically presented to them.  

Discounts can be set as a flat money amount off or as a set it as a percentage, so you can choose whichever works best for you and ensure you give the best deals to your loyal customers.

Happy stables, happy riders, happy customers