Stripe fees Illustrated

Below is all of the fees you will pay either per transaction, monthly or per payout as illustrated below. All of the below Prices are EXCLUDING VAT.

If you have any questions please contact us on 01525 306 114

Fee Name Fee Cost Other
Per Transaction (Debit or Credit Card) 1.15%
Per Transaction (Debit or Credit Card) 0.20p
Payout Charge (per payout) 0.10p Plus 0.25% of volume
Monthly Stripe charge £2.00

NB. You as the customer will be the merchant of record. You will be liable for all chargebacks and refunds that your customers request. Your customer are entitled to escalate this to EC Pro, who have an obligation to refund your customers by law. If this occurs we at EC Pro will then seek to recover these funds from our customer and may take legal action if required.