Staff Management

We know that you want to get your staff out and about, doing what they do best; working with horses, giving lessons and mucking out, not juggling admin tasks and long to-do lists.

With EC Pro you are able to manage your staff workloads to maximise productivity within your business.

The task allocation system reacts in real-time. This means managers can assign tasks to members of staff and ensure they are actioned in a timely manner.

Staff receive new tasks directly to their phone using the EC Pro App. Once they mark that the job is complete, the system is automatically updated and will display a real-time status to the client.  All of this saves valuable time by not having to go back and forth from the office to check if work has been completed or not.

  • Reduce Paperwork and admin
  • Save time & Increase your productivity
  • Improve your processes
  • Communicate better with your staff

Another extremely useful feature of the platform is if you ever have to juggle your day at the last minute due to instructors or staff calling in sick.

You can mark an employee as off sick or on holiday, and if they already have lessons or tasks assigned to them, the system will prompt you to reallocate these to another member of staff before it will allow you to amend the record.

This ensures that you have no unexpected workloads and helps you to forward plan.

Because great things happen when you plan